What's Included in Your Kit?

    strategic marketing plan

    Strategic Planning Checklist

    Making good strategic decisions is a lot easier when the information you need is easily accessible. This checklist will help ensure you have all of the data necessary to create and execute on your marketing strategy.


    strategic marketing plan

    SMART Goals Template

    The best goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. This template will help you to set achievable goals so you can create a strategy that is focused on the tasks that are most important.


    strategic marketing plan

    Buyer Persona Template

    Effective marketing requires in depth knowledge of your audience. This template will help you to map out who your ideal buyer is and how best to reach them.


    strategic marketing plan

    One Page Plan Template

    The one page plan is a brilliant way to align the team on marketing activities. It simplifies all the data to help keep the team on task (not that marketers would ever get distracted). It is designed to be refreshed on a quarterly basis.


    Strategy Before Tactics Wins Every Time

    Let's face it: marketing in today's fast changing landscape is challenging. You probably already know about the importance of inbound marketing - but many companies are still struggling to put the pieces together to create measurable results. That's why we stress strategy before tactics. 

    The first step to closing more customers is to create a solid strategy; one that's based on your company, your goals, and your customers. When you take the time to create a thoughtful marketing strategy based on research, your team has a clear path to follow for success. When everyone knows what their responsibilities are, your team can work together more efficiently towards a common goal. 

    This free marketing strategy kit contains the template resources you and your team need to align customer needs with your business growth goals.

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