Product Page Conversion Boosters that Work


Does your Ecommerce site successfully engage customers from hello right through to ka-ching$$? Or do you lose them somewhere along the way? If you’re not seeing the conversion rates you’d like, you may need to optimize your site. But how?

Optimized Product Pages: 3 Proven Conversion Boosters serves up tools you can use right now. It’s sprinkled with relevant, compelling statistics—just in case you or your C-suite need further convincing—and includes:  

  • Applicable tips on making your product pages more robust for both search and conversion
  • Practical ways to limelight your Ecommerce store with video—without the Hollywood budget
  • Step-by-step instructions on garnering and using customer reviews to harness the power of social proof

All free, all served up in a readable, easy-to-understand format. So download it and start boosting conversions today.

quotes.png    Marketing isn’t magic. There is a science to it.

Dan Zarrella
Social Media Scientist, HubSpot